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Medical Tube Cutters & Slitters

Lakeview Equipment is the leading manufacturer of custom medical tubing cutters and slitters. We will customize your cleanroom cutting machine according to your specific tube cutting needs. We supply automatic tube cutters and slitters that are designed for the production of different types and sizes of plastic tubing used in the medical industry.

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 Tube Cutters

Lakeview Model 125B-1 Tube Cutters

Makes Medical Tube/Fitting Bonding E-Z

Model 125B-1 Tube cutter is designed for limited production of a variety of sizes and types of plastic tubing. It features interchangeable bushings, counter, blades. It can be operated by finger switch, foot pedal or our new 700-1 Auto-Cycler. See Model 450-A for cutting lengths shorter than 2-1/2". Used for plastic, silicone and rubber tubing.

Lakeview Model 400-A Tube Cutters

Cuts diameters as small as .005" & lengths from 2-1/2"

Model 400-A micro - o.d. Tube Cutter is designed for production of very small diameter tubing from .005" to 3/8" diameter and lengths 2-1/2" and up. It features an interchangeable bushing (Teflon and optional counter, base extenders, bushing sets, and replacement blades.) See Model 450-A for cutting lengths shorter than 2-1/2" For use with plastic, silicone and rubber tubing.

Lakeview Model 450-A Tube Cutters

Cuts Small diameter (.005" to 3/8") Plastic, Silicone & Rubber tubing to lengths from 3/32" to 2-1/2"

Model 450-A micro - o.d. Tube Cutter cuts very small diameter tubing (.005" to 3/8") to very short lengths (.093 to 2-1/2"). The bushing (Teflon) is interchangeable so cutter can be used with more than one diameter or length of tubing. A unique ejection system ejects cut tubing to a tray or other receptacle (user to provide). For use with plastic, silicone and rubber tubing. See Model 400-A for cutting lengths longer than 2-1/2".

 Tube Slitters

Lakeview Model 165A-1 Tube Slitters

Slits 1/8" to 3/8" O.D., lengths up to 1-1/2"

Designed for production slitting of plastic, silicone and rubber tubing.

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