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685H Heated Tube Expander

Jaws Heat to 350° for Vinyl/Teflon Tubing

685H Heated Tube Expander

  • Heated jaws soften tubing enough to ease expansion without splitting the ends.
  • Especially suited to Vinyl and Teflon. May be used with polyurethane and polyethylene.
  • For other materials, see Model 875AC, page 2, or Model 875BC, page 3.
  • Power requirements: 120 VAC, 60Hz, 5 Amps. Temperature controller fuse: Ferraz 380V, 16A. System Fuse: 10A. U.L. listed components.
  • Unit is supplied with a non-marring base, and a smooth, infinite-control foot pedal with regulator and gauge.
  • Adjustable jaw expansion.
  • Five interchangeable jaw sets are available. See table below. Custom jaws can be provided on request (consult factory).

685H Table

How It Works

  1. Turn on unit (red light will glow). Allow about 30 minutes for selected temperature to stabilize. (Note: temperature control is not regulated by degrees. Set control to 50; try tubing. Increase or decrease heat as necessary.) Leave tube on jaws long enough to soften material before expanding.

  2. Place tube on jaws, step on foot pedal. Jaws will separate and spread tubing.

  3. Release foot pedal and jaws will close. Remove tube from the jaws.

  4. Immediately insert fitting into tube.

How 685H Heated Tube Expander

How to Order

Order by Model No. followed by jaw size.


685H with J-3 jaw - can be used with Teflon/Vinyl tubing with an I.D. of .187î and will spread tubing 3/8î or more, depending upon setting of jaw stop adjustment.

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Product Manual (Click below to download)

685H Heated Tube Expander Product Manual

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