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 What's New at Lakeview

 Micro-o.d. Tube Cutters NEW

New 165A-1 Tube Slitter

Slits 1/8" to 3/8" O.D., lengths up to 1-1/2"

Designed for production slitting of plastic, silicone and rubber tubing.

New 400-A Tube Cutter

Cuts diameters as small as .005" & lengths from 2-1/2"

Model 400-A micro - o.d. Tube Cutter is designed for production of very small diameter tubing from .005" to 3/8" diameter and lengths 2-1/2" and up. It features an interchangeable bushing (Teflon and optional counter, base extenders, bushing sets, and replacement blades.) See Model 450-A for cutting lengths shorter than 2-1/2" For use with plastic, silicone and rubber tubing.

New 450-A Tube Cutter

Cuts Small diameter (.005" to 3/8") Plastic, Silicone & Rubber tubing to lengths from 3/32" to 2-1/2"

Model 450-A micro - o.d. Tube Cutter cuts very small diameter tubing (.005" to 3/8") to very short lengths (.093 to 2-1/2"). The bushing (Teflon) is interchangeable so cutter can be used with more than one diameter or length of tubing. A unique ejection system ejects cut tubing to a tray or other receptacle (user to provide). For use with plastic, silicone and rubber tubing. See Model 400-A for cutting lengths longer than 2-1/2".

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