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450-A Tube Cutter

Cuts SHORT LENGTHS from .093" & Diameters from .005"

450-A Tube Cutter

  • Designed for production cutting of plastic, silicone, rubber tubing.
  • Cuts tubing from .005 O.D. to 3/8î O.D., and lengths from .093î to 3î. For longer lengths, use Model 400 Micro-O.D. Tube Cutter. (Material hardness, wall thickness, and composition may limit maximum size.)
  • Interchangeable bushings. Cutter may be used for more than one O.D. size tubing.
  • Hand-fed for economy, versatility.
  • Pneumatic operation; actuation by thumb switch.
  • Stainless steel blade is easy to replace.


  1. Quantity counter (reads up to 99999).

  2. Extra bushing sets bored to your specifications (.005î to 3/8î and lengths from .0931î up to 2-1/2î).

  3. Replacement blade.

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