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165A-1 Tube Slitter

Slits Diameters as small as 1/7" O.D. & Lengths up to 1-1/2"165A-1 Tube Slitter

  • Designed for production cutting of plastic, silicone, rubber tubing.
  • Slits tubing from 1/8î O.D to 3/8î Slits tubing from 1/8î; O.D to 3/8î O.D., and lengths from .062 to 1-1/2î. (Material hardness, wall thickness and composition may limit maximum size.)
  • Interchangeable bushings. Slitter may be used for more than one O.D. size tubing, or more than one length.
  • Tube bushings are easily changed.
  • Pneumatic operation; actuation by foot pedal.
  • Stainless steel blades are easy to replace.


  1. Quantity counter (reads up to 99999).

  2. Bushings to your tubing requirements.

  3. Replacement blade.

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