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2375D Pneumatic Assembly Press

2375D Pneumatic Assembly PressFeatures Anti-Tie-Down Hand Control

  • Designed to quickly press medical components into an assembly.
  • Two-hand, anti-tie-down for operator safety.
    • Both cycle-start pushbuttons must be pushed within a fixed time (approx. 5 milliseconds) or the press will not operate.
    • Both pushbuttons must be held down the entire cycle. If one or both pushbuttons is released, the cylinder retracts to the rest position.
  • If either pushbutton is tied down, or otherwise inactivated, press will not operate.
  • Safety shield protects operator from the possibility of flying parts.
  • Pneumatic operation for maximum clean room production. You can exhaust air from the unit with a simple modification.
  • Flow control valve adjusts cylinder ram speed.

How it Works

  1. Assemble two or more components together.

  2. Place in fixture (optionally provided by Factory).

  3. Push both switches simultaneously; hold switches down until components are pressed together.

  4. Release switches and remove assembled part from fixture.


  1. Counter (reads up to 99999).

  2. Larger diameter cylinders, longer or shorter strokes. Standard cylinder is 1-1/2 diameter x 4ȋ stroke.

  3. Custom fixtures to your specific needs.

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