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1600-1 Tube Expanders/Stripper

Strips Tubing from Expander After Fitting Assembly

1600-1 Tube Expander

  • Expand Latex, Silicone and rubber tubing, insert fitting, then pneumatically strip the assembly off the jaws.

  • Especially suited to silicone and latex, or tubing with a durometer under 50.

  • Adjustable jaw expansion; expands tubing up to 1/2" I.D.

  • Unit is supplied with a non-marring base, foot pedal with regulator and gauge, and hand switch.

  • Pneumatic operation for dependable, long-cycle operation and maximum efficiency - it saves operator's fingers!

  • Interchangeable jaws made to customers specification.

How It Works

How 1600-1 Tube Expander/Stripper WorksTube expansion works on the principle of 100% elongation by mechanically stretching the inside diameter of the tube to twice its normal diameter.

  1. Place tube on jaws, activate Hand Switch. Jaws will spread tubing.

  2. Insert fitting between jaws and into the tube.

  3. Operate Foot Pedal to strip assembly from the jaws.

  4. Release Foot Pedal.


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